I WANT to see unicorns.

   That’s why I see them in everything. Sure, I want to live in a world with an underlying, magical, inter dimensional fabric. Yes, that could just be street trash or crumpled paper,, or more. I have focused on these particular shapes and contours for a long time, fusing them into my subconscious.


Leading to the silliest obsession of all. The following pictures are featured on my IG account  instagram.com/sweetseesunicorns, where you can zoom in and see the real magic!


I’ve been seeing unicorns for a long time…

young Sweet Cicely

Sweet Cicely 1984

Like most little girls in the 80’s, I dreamed of unicorns, wrote stories about them and drew pictures of them. I reveled in the fantasy,  simply, “what if ?!”.. what if there were beautiful, majestic horses with horns running wild somewhere?? Who knew where this would lead, and what I would become…It’s all about the “what if”.  Thanks unicorns!IMG_1523

Sweet Cicely pictured with the Vanicorn.

Sweet Cicely4

Close up of Sweet Cicely with the Vanicorn, expertly painted by DeAndre Of Airballin, Oakland, CA

The Magic Begins…

I See Unicorns SamplerFor over 18 years, I’ve been taking photos of everyday things that look like unicorns. They began as off the cuff snapshots, and quickly became a mild obsession. Ranging from gross sidewalk debris to the unbelievable, now I can’t stop. They are never staged, always as I’ve discovered them. I see them as the abstract bleeding through the mundane, a reminder of the magic woven into ordinary life. Step into my world, where I see things just a little bit differently…